Sustainability means to look at the planet as whole and not only as something you take for granted.

At Pizarro we take the certification processes very seriously because only then we can guarantee the best results towards sustainability.


Laser technology acts as a thermal source that eliminates the indigo dye of denim fabrics by sublimation, which means evaporating indigo from solid to gaseous form through heat. Now, perfect replication of vintage looks can be achieved using laser technology. Laser has transformed the jeans industry eliminating the harmful processes for workers, reducing operational cost, and improving environmental impact, while pioneering completely new ways for creativity.


Ozone technology generates ozone to treat garments by reacting with fiber dyes, giving them the real look of outdoor usage. All of this is accomplished in a zero-discharge process, achieving significant savings of water and chemicals, in addition to other great benefits like cleaning any residual indigo redeposition and controlling the cast of the fabric.


H2Zero is a closed loop system that treats water, leaving it in optimal conditions for reuse in the washing finishing processes without the need of chemicals, it has been designed to reduce water consumption and to offer the best productivity and performance with minimum electric consumption in a production center.


e-Flow Technology uses nebulization to substitute traditional abrasion processes and delivering better performance chemistry (color, softeners, antimicrobials, etc.) by using nanobubbles of air instead of water.


A sustainable process, applicable on an industrial scale, does not require any additional chemical or technique and has excellent results in terms of replacing the bleaching process made by chemicals. It is also an efficient process for removing oils, dirt, among others, and presents itself as a milestone in our company for being totally ecological, effectively contributing to the improvement of our planet with regard to the extreme reduction of water use and abolition of aggressive products for the environment.