We always keep our focus on sustainability.

Raw material

Pizarro has fabric and knitwear partners spread all over the world from Portugal, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Bangladesh, Egypt and Japan.

Product design and development

To respond to this area, Pizarro has:

  • Research Office;
  • Product Design;
  • Internal Modeling;
  • Confection of Samples.




In-house production to produce all types of clothing. Strategic partnerships in Bangladesh and Egypt.


The Dyeing department began operating in 1988, dedicating itself to the bleaching and dyeing of knitted and cotton items. With this department it is possible to apply a wide variety of colors and effects to the pieces, ensuring consistency in the dyeing of both knits and cotton. Today, Pizarro is among the world's leading companies involved in the area of dyeing and bleaching.


The Laundry department began operating in 1983, dedicating itself to washing and treating fabric and knitted items, with a special focus on denim. Over the years, Pizarro has been updating its machinery in line with market needs and innovation demands. In addition to the normal laundry process, Pizarro has invested in an ozone washing machine that allows it to offer a more sustainable response to this department with EcoWash, an ecological wash that does not use chemicals.

Press Shop

The stamping department is dedicated to stamping made parts, to design, created by the need to complement the activities of all other departments: laundry, dyeing, finishing and logistics. This department responds quickly to customer needs and has several stamping machines installed, two of which are in 12 colors.


The finishing and logistics department started operating in 1998, due to the growing demand to reduce the time it takes to send orders. This department is responsible for labeling, packaging and shipping the product.