Fashion is cyclical. Denim is eternal. Why?

By 14 de October, 2022No Comments

Trends change, however, some pieces never go out of style. As is the case with denim, which is a key piece in any wardrobe, remaining eternal.

Fashion, from the French “mode”, represents a trend adopted by a large part of society, which remains in vogue for a certain time and is usually associated with clothing. This has a great influence on consumer choices and preferences, determining what they should consume or use, for example, in terms of silhouettes, colors, finishes, textures, fabrics and among others. In the fashion world, cyclical fashion consists of reviving what once was a trend, rebuilding a cycle in favor of fashion.

Over the years, fashion has been changing, proving the theory that trends do not have a beginning, a middle, or an end. The famous shoulder pads, a symbol of female empowerment, which marked the 1980s, are an excellent example of cyclical fashion, having become a trend in the last winter of 2021. And in addition to the shoulder pads of the women’s closet, there are many other pieces that over the years are back in vogue, stronger than ever.

In the fashion world, denim is undoubtedly the most emblematic fabric. We couldn’t live without it. It passes from generation to generation. It doesn’t get lost, it transforms. Whether in pants, dresses, coats, hats or shoes, in different colors or washes, in this field, there are no limits to imagination.

For that reason, the reason they remain eternal is due to their versatility. Versatility that makes jeans the piece that be with us all the time. Whether in a more relaxed moment, or in a festive moment, denim adapts to each occasion, making it even more special and memorable. And even with the passing of the years, which reveals the wear and tear of its use, it has the ability to be as attractive as the first time we touched it.

Denim has the power to create, in each of us, a feeling that we will never feel with any other piece of clothing.