In 2021, a new era is born, a new way of living and working with jeans that will allow us to look at Pizarro with a more up-to-date and sustainable vision.
The new year marks Pizarro’s revolution, which is now presenting itself as a Full-Service company where the focus is on customer response, always keeping a strong ecological focus and looking towards the future of our planet.
During 2021, Pizarro intends to show the business world of jeans that it is possible to think greener in a universe that is painted blue every day, through the application of Upcycling, a sustainable concept that aims to reuse denim waste and, from there, create new ideas thus reducing waste.
The next year will also serve to explore in more depth the processes that work at Pizarro, taking the best advantage of them and, thus, offering a better and more complete service to all those who seek the company from Guimarães.
During the next 12 months, Pizarro will also invest heavily in creating partnerships with artists, brands and styles.